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My awakening to my abilities began in 1998.  Since then there has been a continuous process of awakening to what I would term as latent abilities that I was born with.  I have had NO formal training in any energy modalities that others have been awakening to and have been trained in.  My talents and abilites are Self evolved.  

My abilities are as follows: Clairvoyance (clear seeing), Clarisentience (clear feeling and sensing), clairaudience (clear hearing), claircognizance (justing knowing), clairalience (clear smelling).  I have seen ghosts, but generally, I am more aware when they are present.  I am what many would call a ghostbuster.  The differance is, when I deal with a ghost or what I refer to as an "inbetweener", they leave and are gone.  They do not, and will not return.  I do not cast them out.  I transition their energy.  As I understand, I am a human energy portal.  I neutralize all energy that I connect with.  It doesn't effect or matter to me how dark and powerful an energy or entity is.  I also close portal's and vortex's and, at times I have opened them as well.  I also work with a persons physical energy.  I sense problems in the human body with my hands.  I also sense and am aware of entities and inbetweener's that possess a person's body.  I then transition and remove them.  I also have cleared chakra energy center's in a person's energy and body.  I have effectively aliviated migrane's, back pain and other physical pain caused by energy that is not in balance with or is possessing that person.  I don't consider my Self a healer.  I know my Self to be an Energy Transformer and Transitioner.  I have lead meditations and have spoken to moderate sized groups about energy; how to understand various types of "Energy" and how to view it from different perspectives.  I have not turned down any opportunity, and I view all as a moment to teach, share, learn, and explain what I am aware of or have become aware of. 


Thank You for the time you spent to read this short description of my abilities and some of my experiences.