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I earned a BA  from The University of St. Thomas which took me on my business journey (from Manager to Director then to Business Partner and Owner), however, something was always encouraging me to wander further down the path of consciousness, and it is here that I stumbled into my gifts.


My fascination with energy healing began as a simple curiosity. I soon became attuned to Reiki and then realized that I had many additional intuitive gifts that allowed me to give my clients more information from the universe during each session. This information comes to me in the form of symbols, colors, spirit guides, angels, goddesses, ascended masters, ancestors, past life or akashic record information and animal spirit guides, all assisting the client to connect more deeply to themselves and the universe during session time. I have been guiding my clients through healing experiences for over 20 years.


I also am proud to work as an Animal Communicator. I am able to connect with animal spirits, living or in spirit to provide comfort, healing, communication for pets and their owners and really all animals world wide. It is a sacred shamanic gift of healing and awareness.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about my healing and spiritual journey. I look forward to healing with you,




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