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Intuitive Reiki
Reiki is an ancient healing channel dating back thousands of years. Denise's Reiki session includes the light hands on touch chakra re-balancing of the emotional, physical and spiritual body. Animal Spirit guides will also play an important role in messages of healing and self. You will leave feeling lighter, brighter and very relaxed.

Intuitive Distance Healing
Energy can be also sent for healing over distance. Even though it is not hands on, it can still connect and give information about healing focus and provide relief for client. A brief description is sent after session describing the focus of the healing.

Guided meditation by a Reiki Master. Helpful  for all ages with a focus on self healing, relaxation and stress relief. Small class sizes allow for the greater collective experience.

Home or Office Clearing
Energetic clearing of office space or home space. Just as we need to physically clean our living and work spaces, we also need to clear out energy that no longer serves us. Each location need will be unique. This can be done on site, or remotely.

TLC Healing Arts Session

When you arrive, choose Energy Massage, Traditional Usui Reiki or Energy Work for Self Empowerment, with Blaire, our LMT and Reiki Master Practitioner. She has  over 17 years of experience.


The scope of conditions that Karen can treat with Acudetox are those that are related to anxiety, withdrawal, emotional trauma, craving, stress syndromes, and recovery maintenance.

Medical Tuina or Qi Gong Acupressure Therapy

Medical Tuina or Qi Gong Acupressure therapy applies thermal energy derived from concentrated qi to the meridians, joints, nerves and blood vessels on the body surface by means of various techniques of massage. No special equipment or medical instrument is used.

Intuitive Color Therapy

I facilitate putting your mind and body in a meditative state with guided breathing. I explain the 7 main Chakra's and sit with you and ask you to describe how you are feeling within those specific Chakra's. This learning is about how to communicate with your body and go within to understand the unbalances. It is a very descriptive process, and I put a color to your emotional results and write (in full detail) why that particular color, and what I sense/see in the energy.  

Chakra Balance Therapy

This therapy helps to remove stagnant emotions, and blockages from your Chakra's so that they may start the process of working together in harmony. I use Sage for clearing, Palo Santo for cleansing, crystals for healing, singing bowls to restore energy, and frequency soundwaves to allow your Chi to unclog and flow freely. 

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