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Comprehensive Intuitive Energetic Healing Studio Session 

(3 hrs)
This in person session is suggested as either a first experience for Quantum Healing with Denise or for clients that prefer the added and layered support of my intuitive guidance.

This session includes:

  1. Introduction or reconnection time to my sacred process

  2. Intuitive oracle card selection for added understanding .

  3. Treatment table time channeling & rebalancing all energetic chakras.

  4. Debriefing time after as it can be a lot to process.

  5. Lastly, Denise will take time after session is complete to send you nformation electronically that came through connected to oracle card messages, animal spirit guide messages or links to items that may help you continue to process and heal after our session time.

Intuitive Energetic Healing Treatment Studio Session

(60 mins) 

This is a perfect session for returning clients that need a reset of their energy body. This is treatment table time only. I will channel through all energy chakras and help move energectic debris so you feel like yourself again. I will communicate what I am being made aware of during treatment table time, however, I will not be available for debrief, introduction, oracle card messages or follow up materials. 

*Please note I do not allow my sessions to be recorded as they are sacred.

Distance Intuitive Energetic Healing Session

(90 mins)

The wonderful thing about Quantum healing work and Reiki is that it is possible to send this energy even when seperated by physical distance. I help many people all over the world this way and the effects are no less wonderful than my in person sessions.

Together, we will select an exact time for this service. During our selected time, you will be in a relaxed meditative state. I will be in my treatment room working with your energy body, just as if you were physically there. After 45 mins, I will call you to go over my awareness of your healing journey and hear about your own awareness and experiences and answer any questions you may have. 

Soul Coaching Oracle Reading

( 30 mins)


I have officially stepped into my role as the powerful Oracle that I truly am. I prefer to do this to hold space for clients to go on an inner journey into their soul and receive their own messages. I hold space with and assist you. We will use Oracle Cards together. These can be very powerful healing and awareness sessions.

Super excited to be available this way!

Energetic Check in 

(Done via Email)


From time to time clients love my ability to energetcially "check in" using my intuition. This can revolve around a relationship or work issue, getting more insight into energies in an environment. Really - limitless. For this I allow 3 questions. I ask for you to email them to me. I will make time to channel and respond also via email.

Animal Communication

(60 min)


I have the beautiful ability to channel information from animals. Living or in spirit - either way as energy is always with us. This can be a very powerful way to receive closure, check in, gather more information from your furry family. After all, animals are pure unconditional love. 

Home or Office Clearing

( 2-3 Hours)


Energetic clearing of office or home space. Just as we need to physically clean our living and work spaces, we also need to clear out energy that no longer serves us. Each location need will be unique. 

Full Moon Healing Event

(Distance Healing)


Occassionally I offer Full moon distance healing sessions. These are remote healing sessions done distance. I send email announcments when I will be offering them so if this is something you are interested in please make sure you are subscribed to my newsletter.  They will also be on the events page where tickets can be purchased. These are quick energectic healings for each ticket holder to help them move out old outdated energies and make way for higher vibrational energies to come in. I also send an email out to the entire group after finished. Always done during full moon vibrational energy.


Cancelation Policy

Services scheduled are reserved specifically for you. If you have scheduled a service and are unable to cancel within a 48 hour time frame, a 50% charge of your scheduled service fee will be required. If you have scheduled and do not show without any notice, the full service fee will be required.

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