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I am a gifted healing Reiki artist stepping into my divinity and personal alchemy.

Certified as a  Reiki Healing Practioner, I have been leaning into my healing abilities and exploring my own path of conciousness more and more each day. I have been certified in England where I currently live and it is my home.

I am currently offering monthly Full Moon Distance Healing sessions along with my sister Denise through Great Tree Healing.  An amazing way to reach and assist those who need their energy bodies cleared and healed. The ability to work with my sister is truly an honor and we both LOVE it!





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Cancellation Policy: Please try to notify us at your earliest convenience to cancel or reschedule any in studio service appointments. Thank you.


Your Personal Progressed Moon Chart  30 min.

The Moon pulls and pushes the tides of the seas, and maintains equilibrium with the burning hot sun. She also controls subtle energies, feelings we often experience without much thought. There is a reason for this; the moon serves to guide us through energies as medicine for what we are currently experiencing, and for what is to come next in life. Yes, just like she manages the tides and the sun, we as humans are also susceptible to her powerful energies. The progressed moon chart interprets where the moon is in relation to your birth chart. The moon spends 2.5 years in each section of your chart, thus reflecting a theme, and often chapter, in your life. By looking at the moon’s placement, the undertones and themes of your current experience are revealed for interpretation. I will send an analysis of your progressed moon, where it is in your chart, and what that means for you and your life! *Time of birth, location, date, and city are all required in order to provide this service. After you schedule this service, Willow will reach out to collect the needed information listed above. Once received, please allow 48 hours to receive your completed chart.

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