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I have lived a life of many challenges that has taught me more than any schooling or specialized programs that I have participated in.  I have rediscovered, over and over, about my own strength of Self.  The universe opened up and showed me the duality of dark and light, and the many layers that is has existed in.  It showed me it desires to shift into a more appealing direction, as I and many others desire.  I learned that when I know mySelf, I know you. READ MORE ABOUT ME



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Cancellation Policy: Please try to notify us at your earliest convenience to cancel or reschedule any in studio service appointments. Thank you.


Energetic Clearings with Rick
I have been working together with Rick on clearing energy for over 18 years. We will walk you through all elements of this experience and continue to check in remotely after, in order to continue to raise your environments vibration. Amazing how much this work can help. My support helps guide Rick and you to understand this work more profoundly and assist your own knowledge of all things.



I have the ablility of awareness through understanding the energy that is present in the multi-verse and flowing with and through this Earth planet, animals, and humans.  I understand the power that words have to create outcomes, and that nothing is created without first a thought being projected. Clarity is one of my greatest strengths. It can be intimidating to some because I just know what they might be feeling or thinking, and it may  not be something they want to have be seen by others. But there are others who have been thankful for the intuitive coaching that I have provided to help them in their path of moving forward and letting go of what is not useful to them.

I respect the power that is possible within every Self, and encourage others to know their Self.  I encourage and share my energy with others who hold the desire to know their Self.  I don't fix it for another; I assist in understanding how to create the outcome they desire for their Self. I am about having a conversation for discovery. We can move energy together through conversaton, fairy card readings, and/or energetic conection.

Rick Schuster and I have worked and partnered together every day for over 18 years to desolve what is old and heavy and bring forward a vibrant and creatively free flowing energy of clarity, understanding, and personal power.  We work together and also individualy.

Thank you for reading a little about me, Be Well.


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