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I have my Bachelor Degree from Penn Foster College in Business Management. I have a Certification in Aromatherapy & Herbology/Botany.

I have been a certified aromatherapist for 9 years and my whole life was training me to become what I am proudly now. The Healer, Messenger and Medicine Woman. I walk between world's, healing the living and the deceased living.

I was born with Clairvoyant (clear seeing) abilities; like all children I could see spirits as clear as any living person. When I was a young

girl I developed Clairempathy (clear emotions). As a teenager I noticed I had the ability to just know things (Claicognizance),and could

literally predict something; of course this gift got me in a lot of trouble around Christmas time. Then came Clairaudience (clear

hearing), I could hear spirits whispering in my ear, or just in a room having a conversation amongst themselves. In my twenties I became Clairsentient, this was beyond being able to empathically channel other people's emotions, this ability meant that I could read energy; people, places, and objects. I have Clairairalience (clear smelling) and in In my 30's during my pregnancy with my 3rd child, I developed Clairgustance (clear tasting) needless to say my morning sickness lasted way too long. 

I am a Healer, Psychic & Physical Medium, Solitary Divination and Kitchen Witch, Meditation Coach, Medicine Woman and Shaman. My purpose is to teach, to heal, and I take that seriously. My life will matter when I am gone, and I did what I was meant to do; fulfill my promise, and leave light & love in the world today.

Blessed Be


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