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I earned a BA  from The University of St. Thomas which took me on my business journey (from Manager to Director then to Business Partner and Owner), however, something was always encouraging me to wander further down the path of consciousness, and it is here that I stumbled into my gifts. READ MORE


What service are you interested in?



Intuitive Healing Studio Reiki Session. (1.5-3 hrs.) $300

When you schedule a healing session, you are making a contract with the Universe to accept energetic healing energy. It heals you on multiple levels:  Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual. Your job is to be open, relaxed and receive the beautiful messages the universe has available for you. You will leave feeling, relaxed, lighter and brighter.

The time in studio with Denise will be spent with a gentle introduction to her sacred procress if you are new, or a brief reconnection for those who are back in for more healing work. Next we head into the relaxing treatment room where you will rest comfortably on a treatment table and Denise will assisit your energy body for your continued evolution of healing.  The process with Denise includes her beautiful intuitive channeling, her sacred gift to access the Acashic records, and her profound connection to animal spirit guides and so much more. I am continually amazed and honored by what we learn through each sacred soul healing journey. What is ready for you to know, to understand, to release, to empower yourself will be. There can be much information like puzzle pieces that come through, so in studio we always take time for a debriefing after your healing journey. Each visit can last 2 to 3 hours total time. Every session is unique and this is why there is a flexibility allowed in timing.

Denise will also take the time to personally send you all animal spirit messages electronically as the session follow up, so no need to stress about remembering  them. You can easily reflect later.

I do encourage you to bring a notebook if you like to take notes as there will be time to do so in our debriefing if you choose. Remember - this is not my journey to interpret, it is yours. I am just the messenger and assistant for others.

I do not allow recordings of my sessions as I find my work to be very personal and sacred work. 

Please note: *Denise is currently booked about 6 weeks out. Request an appointment online and she will reach out and get you scheduled.


*It is important to note that energetic work is not meant to replace the practice of all health recommendations from the CDC and health providers. 

Intuitive Healing Remote Reiki Session (1 hrs.) $300 

A remote reiki session can be a wonderful opportunity as well if in person is not possible or desirable to increase your energetic vibration for physical, emotional, spiritual and mental balance. Clients report feeling more emotionally balanced, calm, and renewed; and more able to feel confident, peaceful and secure. What will happen in our remote Reiki Session? - We will connect over phone in a relaxed and quiet environment for both. - I will guide you with a grounding technique, and then open up a telepathic channel of healing. - I will use my clairvoyant (clear seeing) abilities to describe what the universe is assisting you with and will speak this as the healing continues. - This is a great time for you to experience your abilities to feel, see energy as it moves through your body to assist you. When Shamanic Animal Guides step forward, I will let you know as they will have specific messages of healing for you from the universe. - After the session is complete, you and Denise will debrief about the experience. You will feel lighter, brighter and much more at peace. Just like in person studio sessions, I will electronically send a follow up with all animal guide messages for your reflection and continued connection to our time together. 

*Denise is currently scheduling 6 weeks in advance, so please reach out soon if interested to schedule a remote session with me.

*It is important to note that energetic work is not meant to replace the practice of all health recommendations from the CDC and health providers. 

Animal Communication (1 hrs.) $150

I can't wait to meet your special family member and set up a sacred channel of communication and healing. All animals have soul energy, just like humans. I am able to check in with them to have a conversation about events, experiences, physical issues, emotional issues...really anything and everything. My process currently works this way.

1. Request an appointment, and I will reach out to set up time to connect with your pet first, then, a follow up call with you after where we can discuss my findings during our session time.

2. Before I can connect with your Pet, I will need you to send me a photo of them and their name.

3. We will agree on a time for session and follow up, which I typically like to do back to back to ensure the information is as fresh and current for you as it can be, and then to answer any additional questions you may have.

4. During the channeled session time with your pet, if I am made aware of healing energy that they require, I will send it to them. Many pet owners have described literally watching their pet relax and absorb this healing before I even do your follow up call.

5. Everything will be discussed with you on our follow up call, including physical issues, emotional issues, behavioral issues, suggestions for you to help support them currently. Remember, there is no time grid for energy, so I am able to connect with animals no longer in the living world. Many times they are still active around the family and stay to assist their pack. The topics really, hold no boundaries and no limit.

Energetic "Check In" (15 mins) $75

With my intuitive gifts it is possible for me to "check in" on energies in ones home, work space or personal space without physically being present .  Or, even just questions you may have that you would like my intuitive guidance on. When things feel off there can be energies present that do not support the family, work culture, home, person.

I can 'check in' for you to let you know what I am being made aware of energetically. This can help validate your own feelings. I limit my check in questions to no more than 3 per check in, and I prefer to send you my insights in email. Quick and easy, but helpful.



My fascination with Reiki and healing began as a simple curiosity into energy work. As I became attuned to work in this sacred healing channel, I soon realized that I had additional intuitive gifts that allowed me to give my clients more information from the universe during each session. This information comes in the forms of symbols, colors, ascended masters, past life videos and animal spirit guides, all assisting the client to connect more deeply to themselves and the universe. I am now an intuitive healer and have been guiding my clients through their healing experiences for over 15 years.


I am proud to also work as an Animal Communicator. I am able to connect with animal spirits, living or in spirit to provide comfort, healing, communication for pets and their owners and really all animals world wide. It is a sacred Shamanic Gift of healing and awareness.

I have created a very sacred healing space,  Great Tree Healing in Roseville. My space is currently a collective space with other healers who share the vision of raising awareness and healing in the multiple aspects and special gifts that only a community can truly offer.

We look forward to healing with you,



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