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 I studied Sociology and Philosophy at Brandeis University in Massachusetts and after earning my degree I allowed myself to be a free spirit for a few years. I had had a consistent desire to be a therapist; however once I was accepted for a LCSW program, a curious thing happened…I began to have all kinds of metaphysical and intuitive experiences out of nowhere.  Whoa! “Where did this come from ?“ “Why me?” 

Soon I got to the question: “What am I supposed to do with this, how do I share this magic with others?” My hands heated up when I was around a person in distress so I found out that within something called Reiki therapy, practitioners’ hands heated up to dispense healing energy.  And that 1st class lead me to where I am now. I am a Reiki Master, Teacher and Energy Coach, M.T. and Mediation facilitator practicing for 20 years.  My story is a story of evolution in the new high vibration universe. As Self, I go through a period in which I learn from the universe, I practice, I discover and I evolve.  Once I arrive at that new level, I offer it out to others. And then the cycle begins again. I have continued writing for myself, chronicling the magical, profound, zany, sometimes scary and oh so beautiful rhythms that have become my life.   

I have practiced in New York and Philadelphia before I came to the Twin Cities.  I am clairvoyant, clairsentient, clair cognizant and clair audient. As I have worked as a Reiki Master my abilities have evolved in relation to my deepened alignment with the new higher vibration universal flow.  Traditional Usui Reiki is my foundation and Many many aspects of my work have evolved from there. What the universe offers in alignment with me is unique and I am humbled and grateful to be in this special flow of beauty with you.  I am a vessel for the focused Energy that Supports Self. It supports your unique Self for all that has the greatest value for you and its essence is Harmony & Balance. During my sessions the high vibration of the Golden Energy flows to you directly from the universe and to you through me(like a gentle laser beam) . It soothes, smoothes and restores you energetically, physically, emotionally and mentally. I specialize in release work and can include that in these sessions as you choose. You wont believe how easy it is to release old patterns that weigh you down! We can release patterns like anxiety, stress, fear of the unknown, etc while simultaneously strengthening immune system and your ability to maintain a high vibration. We can release past life connections and other patterns through time that do not serve you.  The golden energy can flow with you to create new, more positive patterns of energy flow in your relationships. Additionally I can coach you to use simple energy techniques that you can use at home. There is a wide wide range of how this work serves and supports people. The sessions can be quiet or interactive and they are always cultivated for you. I am blessed to be a part of it with you. The beauty is that all of this is available to every single one of us…. And it’s fun! Wow!



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