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 I am a Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher, Energy Coach, Meditation facilitator, Massage Therapist and honors graduate from Brandeis University. I have practiced for 18 years - New York, Philadelphia and the Twin Cities.  I am clairvoyant, clairsentient, claircognizant and clair audient. My approach is integrative so that you have the benefit of all of my skills.



What service are you iterested in?


Location & Contact Details

(612) 839-8949

Cancellation Policy: Please try to notify us at your earliest convenience to cancel or reschedule any in studio service appointments. Thank you.


Remote Reiki with Blaire  30 min.

A Remote Reiki session can be used to increase a high healthy vibration for physical, emotional and mental balance. Clients report feeling more emotionally balanced, calm, and renewed; and more able to feel confident, peaceful and safe in this period of uncertainty. We can release patterns like anxiety, stress, fear of the unknown, etc while simultaneously strengthening immune system and your ability to maintain a high vibration. ( Note: energetic work is not meant to replace the practice of all health recommendations from the CDC and health providers) What will happen in our remote Reiki Session? Blaire (please call 612.839.8949 to schedule) - Find a quiet place in your home to recline and relax for this healing meditative period. -Consultation (with intuitive listening) - We begin by talking about what you would like the session to focus on; I offer recommendations and answer questions. -High Vibration Intentions - I will guide you through focused intentions for the session -Long Distance Reiki Healing - Hang up, relax and recline to receive the healing energy while I send it to you remotely. -Feedback - I will call you when it is complete so that we can exchange feedback -Energy Technique - If you choose, I will give you an energy technique to maintain this strengthening at home! It will be customized just for you and for what supports you at this time based on what we learned in your session. Please visit my BIO page to learn more about me.

TLC Healing Arts Session with Blaire  1 hr.

When you arrive, choose Energy Massage, Traditional Usui Reiki or Energy Work for Self Empowerment, with Blaire, our LMT and Reiki Master Practitioner. She has  over 17 years of experience.

TLC Healing Arts Session with Blaire

When you arrive, choose Energy Massage, Traditional Usui Reiki or Energy Work for Self Empowerment, with Blaire, our LMT and Reiki Master Practitioner. She has over 17 years of experience.

Group Meditation Healing

I am available for small group meditation healing sessions. Minium of 4 participants. I guide us through a calming meditation spce where you can relax and heal. Available remotely through ZOOM or in person. Please message me directly to schedule or with more questions about this offering.

I love my work. I work for the common good - for people to be their happiest, most self empowered, strong and delighted Self. When you have sessions with me you will be amazed by how easy it is to heal, balance and exist in your own whole Self. This level of yourSelf is just waiting to be uncovered and within it you are more magnificent than you have known. Clients say "I feel like I am new and improved!".


 I work within the traditional Usui Reiki training but I do more than Reiki. My skills have evolved to be a conduit for a precise pure Energy that Supports Self which is part of Chi. The only thing this energy can do is support you for exactly what has value for you.  It soothes and smoothes, softens rough edges, healing, lightening, lifting and raising all that you are to be harmonious and balanced. Imbalances, pain and stress melt away. These words are not symbolic, it is literally true. I never get tired of hearing people say that this is life changing.

"Listen everyone, I am NOT being dramatic; you HAVE to get a session from Blaire. You immediately feel comfortable and relaxed  with her, her intuitive skills and techniques are multilayered, her sessions are soothing...your soul will thank you." - Z.M. Event Coordinator

Did you know that emotions such as stress and anxiety are energy patterns that can be released? It is true. And it is easy! By releasing things like this - anxiety, trauma, depression, difficult relationship issues, physical illness imbalance - you are clearing away "energetic debris". From this process you are able to benefit more from the Energy that Supports Self  and experience your high vibration abilities: your innate gifts, strength, self esteem and improved physical health. These are some of many gifts within your True Self. This is what my clients experience, it is deeply satisfying for my clients and for me because it brings them so much joy, health and renewed self esteem. This process is my specialization for long lasting benefits.

My sessions, Reiki, TLC or Meditation, are comforting and relaxed (for details on what my sessions are like please go to Appointments, click Remote Reiki, TLC or Meditation) . I work with a wide range of people, levels of interest and issues. You can dip your toe in with a traditional healing session or you can take things deeper. It will always be right for you. Some clients experience an immediate change that feels miraculous and for others the benefits are progressive as the Energy that Supports
Self strengthens within them. Many clients benefit from my coaching which you can request in a session. I coach energetic techniques to you so that you can strengthen your own abilities at home.


This work is a fit for all life issues such as:

  • Wellness - traditional healing to maintain wellness

  • Self Discovery - are you curious to experience and understand more about your life? Intuition, gifts, full essence, past lives...

  • Emotional Issues - stress, anxiety, depression...are you in circumstances that are chronically overwhelming emotionally? 

  • Physical Issues - release imbalances and restore high vibration for physical health; headaches, back pain, injury, chronic illness, substance abuse, etc.

  • Heath Care Workers - do you need sanctuary time to be cared for, restored and the difficulties of the days released?

  • Consciously Evolving  - high vibrational support on your journey 

  • Empaths - I specialize in helping empaths refine their gift and be more balanced within their emotional sensory experience.


    Clients say to me in varying ways

" Blaire I never would have known that this even existed if I hadn't stumbled across you. I came out of curiosity. From this work I have more peace than I ever thought was possible. Every time we have a session something new and even more amazing happens. It just keeps going...I am surprised and delighted by it. Thank you, this has changed my life!" -

J.M. - Non Profit Employee

The beauty is that all of this is available to every single one of us...and it's fun! Wow!

The services I offer at Great Tree can be in person or remote (via Zoom):

  • Reiki - which can include Coaching as you choose

  • TLC Healing Arts Session

  • Coaching - energy techniques for work or life

  • Group Meditation - 3 or more

           (a) At scheduled time Wednesday or Friday at 8pm

           (b) Assemble your own group and schedule a time with me

For more information go to Appointments and click Remote Reiki, TLC, Coaching or Meditation. 

Not sure which service is right for you? I'm happy to answer your questions @ 612.839.8949 - Blaire

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